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Software Development Techniques for Teachers of Engineering and Science Institutes (Main Workshop)
Software Development Techniques for Teachers of Engineering and Science Institutes (Main Workshop)
Under the National Mission on Education through ICT (MHRD, Govt. of India)
November 5th, 2011 to December 4th, 2011

Course Content Duration and Venue Teaching Faculty
Who Should Attend Note Course Fee
Accommodation How to Apply Address For Communication


Software development is the most important process in developing a software/tool. The successful execution of the project highly depends on the techniques used to develop the model. Apart from this, different problems can be tackled and resolved efficiently at the appropriate phase. Here, the use of open source for all the modules, i.e. Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is emphasized, which is used for many purposes like view, modify, redistribute, and improve the source code. Software development techniques are used on a large scale by various organizations. Using the techniques appropriately is a challenge.

IIT Bombay, had conducted workshops, and trained teachers all over India through remote centres. The lectures were transmitted live, and were received at various remote centres across the country, through synchronous distance mode, along with the interaction of participants. The video, presentations, and downloads offered here will help students, teachers, working professionals, and entrepreneurs to master and apply the appropriate techniques at the right time.

Course Content

  • Imparting knowledge of Software development techniques on a larger scale and at a faster rate.
  • Matter/Video/Presentations are available to all at no cost.
  • Helping maximum number of students, teachers and working professionals learn the techniques & implement them in real life.
  • Empower students and teachers in engineering colleges on a large scale.
  • Impart new teaching methods.
  • Teach centres as per the common syllabus.
  • Encourage teachers to contribute learning material.
  • Publish contents in open source on portal.

  • Topics covered:-
  • Linux Tools
  • Version control systems
  • LaTeX
  • Basic Python
  • Advanced Python
  • Test Driven Development

Duration and Venue

The duration of the workshop is 2-weeks (5 weekends.) It will begin at 09:00 am on Saturday 5th November 2011, and end at 6:00 pm on Sunday 4th December, 2011. Additional contributions from participants are required to be made within the following two weeks for certification. The venues for the workshop will be 22 remote centers.

Teaching Faculty

Prof. Prabhu Ramachandran,
Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, IIT Bombay

Mr. Asokan Pichai,
Sr. V.P.
Learning and Development, TalentSprint

Prof. Madhu Belur,
Dept of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay

Who Should Attend

All students, teachers, working professionals, and entrepreneurs who are keen on learning and mastering the skill of software development. This will also benefit research scholars or people who are interested in exploring this subject and finding more efficient ways in developing a project.


Please note that this workshop is conducted by the eOutreach project of IIT Bombay, under the National Mission on Education through ICT. Live recording of the course and other created contents will be released under Open Source through a portal. The recorded CD/DVD of the course lectures will be available for distribution at cost, to any individual / institution. All participants are required to sign an undertaking for such release of contents contributed by them during and after the workshop. The recognition and citation will be made for all contributors.

It is mandatory that the participant should submit a scanned copy of a letter from the principal/HOD of his/her institute mentioning that he/she is an employee of the institute and has been permitted to attend the workshop. The letter should be on the letterhead of the institute and should bear the signature and stamp of the head of the institute. It should be addressed to Project Manager, Project Ekalavya under NMEICT, IIT Bombay.

Course Fee

Since the workshop is funded by the National Mission on Education through ICT (MHRD, Government of India), there is no course fee for participation.

Accommodation and Other Support

Remote centers are being funded to provide tea/lunch on each day of the workshop, and for accommodation, wherever available, for limited number of outstation participants.

Travel expenses up to Rs. 2000/- will be reimbursed against proof of actual expenditure.

Accommodation is not guaranteed.

How to Apply

Those wishing to attend this workshop should enroll online at this website

Enrollment will be strictly online, and no other applications will be entertained.

The online form contains a list of remote centers. Please select a center close to your institute, from the list to indicate where you would wish to attend the workshop. Last date for enrollment is 31st October 2011. We will start Confirming participants who have fulfilled all our requirements from 24th October 2011. The Confirmed participants will also be informed by email.

Address for Communication:

Dr. Mukta Atrey,
Project Manager,
Department of CSE,
Kanwal Rekhi Building,
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay,
Mumbai - 400 076.
Tel.: +91-22-2576 4982/ 4983

Fax: +91-22-2572 0022