under Prof. D. B. Phatak, CSE, IIT Bombay

Summary of the Project:

Structured data improves discoverability of online contents. The mark-up is done for some types like person, organizations. If we search for some person or organization, we get summarized information on right hand side of the screen called "Knowledge panel". This kind of markup is required for educational contents on the websites. This project aims at demonstrating a standard schema that can be used universally to mark-up any educational webpages so that it helps search engines and other applications better understand the content and display it in a useful and relevant way. Also we proposed some additional properties for indian education system to the . We have taken up three websites of different domain in education operated by IIT Bombay. These websites are CDEEP, Spoken Tutorials and ekShiksha. The schema has been created for the content present in the above websites and the research work has been done to develop the schema properties for education.

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