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    Project ekalavya was initiated in 2004 to generate an interactive platform for the creation, absorption, dissemination and usage of knowledge in the Open Source. One of the offshoots of this initiative was the conception of the eOUTREACH programme. This programme creates high quality digital contents in several formats. These are DVDs, VCDs, HTML, text and power point slides, audio and streaming videos and audio. These digital contents are of specialised workshops, courses, lectures, nutshell series of lectures and seminars of educational value. These events are either arranged specially for the eOUTREACH programme or take place as a part of the regular events that are held on the IIT Bombay campus. They are held in modern state-of-the-art classrooms with a capacity to seat around 100 participants. These events are recorded using highly sophisticated equipments for achieving best quality.The recorded contents are then edited, reproduced and disseminated at a small cost for maximum outreach. Since the ekalavya portal aims at a free exchange of knowledge and ideas, all the relevant academic material is palced in the Open Source, thus making considerable contribution to society. The eOUTREACH programme of Project ekalavya has been funded and supported by the Technology Information Forecasting & Assessment Council(TIFAC).