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The Mentoring Process in the eGURU Programme

  • Registration: A Mentor first registers giving individual details. He/she is then given a mailbox and a home page.The Mentor is requested to register with different User-ids if he/she wants to register as Mentor as well as Local Coordinator. The identity of the Mentor and the Student Group will be strictly confidential. The students and the Mentor will only communicate through the portal and the assigned mailbox.

  • Endorsement: The Mentor is requested to provide endorsement from his/her organisation. This is done purely to deter fraudulent Mentor registration and for no other purpose.

  • Proposing a project: A Mentor can optionally propose his/her own project idea. The project description should have sufficient details to enable the student community to understand the description and choose the project. The effort should be around 1 person year with larger ideas being broken up into smaller pieces. The Mentor is treated as 'owner' of the project idea and is expected to answer queries in understanding the description.

  • Selection of Project: A Mentor will choose from a list of available projects. The projects will be displayed along with information on how many Student Groups have opted to take them up. Once a Student Group and Mentor have (independently) chosen a project, the project will be assigned to both of them.

  • Acceptance of Mentoring: Once a project is assigned, the Mentor will be asked to accept the responsibility. At this time the proposed schedule of the Student Group will be made known to the Mentor.

  • Start Date of Project: The eGURU is a round the year and nationwide initiative. Academic institutes have their own schedules and estimated effort for final year projects. The schedules could be vastly different. The start date of the project is the date on which the Student Group has to submit the Final Project Proposal to their institute. Therefore, a Student Group may not be available for immediate Mentoring. The Mentor should not be disappointed if a Student Group is not immediately assigned to him/her. The Mentor is requested to visit the site frequently and try to select a project idea which already has Student Groups assigned to it, rather than waiting for a Student Group to select his/her project idea.

Mentoring an eGURU Project

  • Effort:A Mentor can be expected to spend less than 100 hours in the Mentoring effort.

  • Role:The role of a Mentor envisages little bits of the Project Leader, Technical Leader and QA Manager roles.

Objectives of Mentoring
The Mentor needs to ensure that

  • The Student Group understands and internalises the quality processes.

  • The Student Group understands the underlying technical area through guided reading.

  • The Student Group receives guidance in resolving technical implementation problems.

  • The Student Group actually does the work and does not copy from earlier projects. This can be done by asking questions and monitoring the progress.

Role of a Mentor in different phases

  • Problem definition phase: Assist the group in scoping and writing system requirement specifications. Suggest supplementary reading material.

  • Design Phase: Formulate the sections and explain the nuances of a design document. Review the design document.

  • Construction Phase: Share and explain good coding practices. Implement peer review. Review code before submission.

  • Unit/Integration Testing: Share and explain sections of a test plan and importance of testing. Make sure that test plan is prepared. Explain test plan review (completeness) and implement peer review. Ensure documentation of test results.

  • Code Submission: No effort. Filling up of an (optional) evaluation report.

eGURU Support

The eGURU team will publish guidelines, standards and explanatory articles on all the phases. The Mentor may have to review applicability and give formal permissions to drop certain sections.
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