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Chat Server
A chat application is utility software that enables users to communicate over networks. A chat application can be sufficiently used as a medium for various forums. The functionality provided by chat application includes displaying messages in a chat room. Displaying the list of online users and enabling users to send personal messages to other users in addition the chat application enable you to communicate with chat friends. The use of Java, which is a platform independent language enable it to run on any platform. The concepts used to build their application are… 1. Java Swing API 2. Networking 3. Socket Programming 4. Input-Output Concept 5. Event Handling 6. Error and Exception Handling
1. This is a distributed application, running on the different client side. 2. Application is based on P2P (Peer To Peer) Networking concept. 3. This software could be handled in any operating system environment. 4. This application runs to connect to departments of an organization. 5. Each user can view the list of all online users, those want to communicate. 6. Each user can form its login account. 7. User can sent the message to the group of another user simultaneously. 8. The messages sent in pure text form.
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