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Real Time business critical information
You might have seen the ticker tapes for Stock prices that scroll at the bottom of your TV screen e.g. NDTV profit, CNBC etc. We want to extend the idea to display business critical information in the ticker tape format in real time.
Each business and even business unit has some key information which could be very useful if seen in real time e.g. new sales data for Sales organisations, support issues being logged for a support organisation etc. Today this information is typically analysed in post mortem fashion by generating MIS reports. The idea is to display the information in Real time as data is getting added to the database in real time. Not only will this be cool :) and management would love it, it will give real insight as events unfold in real time. e.g. As a new version of software is released, are the sales picking up? Is there a surge of support calls? You can see it in real time. We expect the employees to have various ticker tapes (channels) running on their machines which tune to various real time information channels. Some mentoring will be provided.