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POP3 mail viewer on J2ME
Mobile access of mails is becoming increasingly popular in the world. Checking and composing mails is considered to be one of the most important uses of the internet. With the POP3 mail application, mobiles can be used to check/compose mails through one?s mobile. POP3 Email Viewer package is a fully functional program which can be used to retrieve POP3 Emails from your J2ME based Cell Phones. The project has a lot of practical applications. The extensible nature of the project (the variety of mail servers like imap can be accessed using mobile phone and features of each device that can be controlled) adds to the value of the project. e.g. The user can be alerted on mobile phone when he receives a mail in his mail account.
The idea here is to develop a working providing the user mail access from the POP3 using the mobile phone. The phone will run an application that can compose, check and also allow attachments in the mails using some networking technology. The user should be able to login his mail account and be able to send appropriate commands.
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