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In a country like India, where about 70% of the population live in villages, use of internet technology to provide access and patient care using telemedicine is critical and most effective means to diagnose and provide medical care to those who need them. In the current scenario, the primary health are not fully equipped to provide preventive and post-operative care and vital monitoring. In this project use of Intenet technologies using a 3-tier architecture to provide a low-cost telemedicine system that can be hosted at every village or primary health centres to monitor, diagnose and provide preventive health care to remote villages
The project will use the following technologies. 1. It will use existing backbone infrastructure that connects villages to other data centres over VSAT or other connectivity technology 2. The architecture will be 3-tier 1. Patient Vital Health Sensors (Blood pressure, Oxygen Saturation sensors, Heart Rate and Cardio vascular sensors). 2. Remote Data Collection Hub (typically at patient home, hospitals or primary health centres)to collect health data from sensors along with patient ID (RFID straps worn by patients) 3. Back-Office systems typically based on HL7 v2 or Open-EHR based systems that collect and store patient data in patient health records.
I have experimented using SIP and XMPP based pub/sub architecture and found SIP to be an effective means to push data from Hub to backoffice. I have also looked at some Wireless sensor devices that can be used to collect vitals and using the SIP infrastructure push the data to the backoffice. All of these can be useful resoutres to the project team