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Communication Software System
Communication is an important aspect of life. There are various methods of communication. As computers are becoming a necessity, the requirement of computer based communication is increasing. Already there are many application supporting the computer based communications. But there is a lack of a software that combines all the methods of communication, and is system independent. This project is a step towards the complete communication software solution.
The power and accessibility of a network may be utilized for communication. At present various application have to be used for communicating with other users of a WEB. Thus we need to have all the programs installed as well as configured so as to be used for communicating. The various forms of communication may involve : 1.Text based communication. 2.Voice communication. 3.Document exchanges. 4.Media transfer. 5.and various other net communications. A product is needed that combines the various forms of communication over LAN and provides an easy interface yet a robust product. The product apart from providing the common facility of chatting with other users will also enable file transfer, multicasting and other functions, exploiting all the facilities of the LAN. The communication system will include text chatting, file transfer, offline messaging, with ease of operability and system independent features. The communication system will be based on client-server model. The client should be system independent. The client will periodically check for updated information from the online server. The request for communication will be given to the server and the server will inform the respective user of the update. The communication system will include :- A frontend for the user interface. A server for keeping track of users and their activities. A database keeping the details of users, and about the tasks. The frontend should be system independent. As HTML is the most widely used system independent tool, the front end should be HTML with any scripting language. The frontend will include priliminary validation of data, data processing coming from the server, and few other facilities. The server will require to process all the requests coming from the clients, and update the database as required. The server will also has to do error checking, database integrity, and various other checks and process to keep the system intact. The major issues will be the data processing. The database will keep records of all the users, and their status. The actions taken could also be logged in the database so that it could be used later on for improving performance, and debugging. Database will play an important role in providing updates to the users, so the database design should be robust, so that it could support changes later on, during the implementation phase. Special care has to be taken during the design phase as to get to every detailed aspect of the client-server model of web, the scripting language used, the database and the server side language. While designing performance aspects has to be considered. The major player in performance evaluation will be the data packet size, the bandwidth available, polling frequency, format of the messages, etc.
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