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Implementing a Spell Checker in Mozilla-Firefox
To create a Mozilla-Firefox extension which runs a spell check on all the text fields within the current web-page and suggests various corrections if applicable.
Implementing a spell check on web pages can be a difficult thing to do. Two solutions are possible - a server side solution or a client side solution. Here we concentrate on a client side solution. The major advantage in this approach is speed. The application of developed at the client-side will run much faster for obvious reasons. A client side spell checker uses the CPU and existing software of the computer running the web browser. This decentralized model means that the web server does not have to be especially powerful. Also the web master can implement and deploy the spell check with a minimum of effort in a variety of ways that fully integrates with the look and feel of the rest of the site. An example of such a spell checker, but on the server side is the gmail spell checker. Gmail allows users to check spellings in their mails. Similar things have also been implemented in several other word processing applications. These use standard dictionary files to implement the spell checker. The above application can be extensively used wherever there is a form feed. For example, email systems where a mail is typed in a text box, or in a blogging system. The applications can be varied. The key issues involved in the project will be understanding of how to implement extensions in mozilla firefox. The project also requires a complete understanding of how spell checkers are implemented in various systems. Quite a few resources are available on the internet which might help in the project.
1.Creating Firefox extensions: http://extensions.roachfiend.com/howto_bug.html 2.How to create Firefox extensions: http://roachfiend.com/archives/2004/12/08/how-to-create-firefox-extensions/ 3.Web Browser Spell Check: http://www.tcpiq.com/tcpIQ/WebBrowserSpellCheck/ Background/ 4.Frequently Asked Questions about Jspell http://www.thesolutioncafe.com/jspell-spell-checker-faq.html