Summer Internship 2012

Under the guidance of Professor D. B. Phatak, Computer Science Department, IIT Bombay

Last date of Registration is 23rd March'2012
Program Overview
We undertake a significant amount of software and hardware development work in our Affordable Solutions Lab, to support our efforts in the National Mission on Education through ICT. Last year, we selected 60 interns to work on these projects, simultaneously enabling them to fulfill the summer internship requirements of their respective academic programs. This year also, we are offering a fresh set of projects. These are described in some detail under the subsection projects.
All the work under the mission project is released under Open Source. Consequently most of the tools and software environment used in our R&D, are also from Open Source Software(OSS). You will thus be working on Ubuntu (a variant of Linux), and using Java, MYSQL/Postgress, GCC, and such other packages. Even if you do not have adequate exposure to these, you will get ample opportunity to learn them during your internship. All we expect is that you are able to learn fast, and are able to meaningfully use what you learn. You will be engaged for a period of 8 weeks. Your project leader will evaluate your work at the end of the internship. We expect everyone to work hard, and successfully complete the assignments well in advance of the last date.
You have to strictly adhere to the time slots. Requests to adjust the time slot will not be entertained.
You have to stay within the IIT campus. A room (on a twin sharing basis) will be made available to you during the period of internship.
We will extend nominal financial support which is designed to cover a major portion of your expenses during your stay in IIT. Further details of the terms and conditions are available under the subsection 'Financials'. The tentative schedule for the program is available under the subsection 'Tentative Schedule'. Detailed schedule will be given to you on the first day of internship.
IIT will provide you library reading room facility, and limited access to Gymkhana facilities.
A certificate will also be issued on successful completion of internship. Kindly note that Prof Phatak does not give any recommendation letter for admission to Institutions outside India.
  • Students graduating in Computer Science/Engineering, IT,or Electronics.
  • Who will be completing 3rd year in April/May 2012. Students completing 2nd year, with exceptional academic performance and other achievements, may also be considered.
  • Students with experience in programming and/or hardware design will be preferred.
Selection Process
Candidates will be selected based on their academic performance in their college/university, and on their technical accomplishments. Students who have demonstrated a flair for software and hardware design and development work, will be preferred. The reputation of the college and the performance of past students of that college in GATE examination, may also be taken into account.
Based on the scrutiny, a list of candidates provisionally selected will be published first. These students will then be required to submit scanned copies of the following documents : 1)photograph, 2)a recommendation letter signed by a faculty member of your department, and 3) a letter from your HoD/Principal/Director stating that the college permits the student to undertake the internship during the chosen period. Any additional information, if required, will be sought from the provisionally selected candidates. The final list will be published on or before Friday, 6th April 2012.
The number of internship positions available is limited. We normally receive a large number of applications. Please provide as much information about your technical and other skills, as possible. Note that You are required to apply on-line in the prescribed format on or before Friday, 23rd March 2012. No separate application through letter or email will be entertained.
Internship and stay at IIT Bombay involves some items expenditure to be incurred by interns. These are:
  • Rs. 6000/- to be paid to the IIT Bombay academic office (Internship Fee's)
  • Hostel room rent of Rs 1100/- per month or part thereof (totaling Rs 2200/- for the internship period)
  • Additional Rs 20/- per day if you wish to rent a mattress + bucket
  • Approximately Rs 100/- per day for food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) in the vacation mess
Of these, we will pay Rs. 6000/- directly to the institute, on your behalf. In addition, we will pay you an honorarium of Rs. 8000/- on successful completion of 8 weeks of internship. Please note that since this amount will be paid at the end, you will have to make your own arrangements to meet the lodging and food expenses initially .
Several R&D projects are currently underway in the department, under the National Mission. These include Clicker systems (hardware and software) for classroom response, audio-video streaming servers, Joomla based portal configuration, extension to Moodle, Management tools for virtual private cloud, Enhancements to Proximity e-learning tool, etc. The technologies you will be working on will include Linux, C/C++, Java, Servlet, JSP, Android, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python, Apache, Tomcat, etc., for software projects. Clicker system development is based on TI chips, which have a micro-controller and a combined radio/transmit-receive facility.
S.No Project Name Technology Complexity Team Strength
1 Audio-Video Streaming Application with RED5 Java, Flex,ActionScript, Adobe Flash Builder, PHP Medium to High 10
2 Clicker Software JSP, Struts2, MySQL, Tomcat Server High 8
3 Colouring as Aid To Teaching JAVA Medium to High 6
4 Development on Aakash Platform Java, Linux, Android Medium to High 10
5 Enhancements to EkShiksha portal JAVA Medium 14
6 Joomla Plug-In Development Joomla, PHP, MySQL Medium to High 12
7 Migration from CC2511 to CC2530 Embedded C High 8
8 Multimedia Database Java, PostgreSQL Medium to High 4
9 Multimedia Transcoder Java, C, FFmpeg High 4
10 Peer to peer communication JAVA , Android Medium 3
11 Porting of Clicker software on Android Java, Android Development Kit High 12
12 Porting of ProxyMITY Core Java, Java Swing, VLCJ, HTML5, Android Medium to High 8
13 Porting of Scilab Cpp, Java, Linux, Android Medium to High 5
14 Quiz Module on Aakash JAVA, JSP, MySQL, android sdk High 5
15 Robocontrol android app for Aakash Tablet JAVA , Android High 4
16 Technology to present applets in Indian Languages JAVA High 6
17 Virtual Chemistry Lab JAVA Medium to High 9
18 Implementing plugins for Indian Languages Project Cancelled Simple 5
19 Optimizing Zigbee Stack Project Cancelled Medium 4
Tentative Schedule
Last Date of application : Friday, 23rd March 2012
Intimation of provisional selection : Friday, 30th March 2012
Confirmation of selection : Friday, 6th April 2012
Reporting for internship : 9th May 2012 (for 8 weeks)
Submission of report : One week before end of internship
Evaluation : Last week of internship
Issuance of certificates : 2nd week of July
Note : Selected candidates will have to report at IIT on the reporting date with 2 passport size photographs and original recommendation letter from your college Director/ Principal/ HOD (Head of the Department), as per the given format. We may tolerate a delay of 2-3 days for exceptional reasons such as exams, if communicated well in advance.
Enrolled Students
Download Project Report & Presentation Video
In case of any queries or difficulties, write to, with details.