Summer Internship 2012 - Pre Placement

Under the guidance of Professor D. B. Phatak, Computer Science Department, IIT Bombay

We have had overwhelming response. Thank You.
We may not be able to provide applet specification for everyone. Please think of possible educational content explaining concepts in other fields (such as biology, environment science etc.) and send us a mail after registration.
Registration has been closed on 31st Jan 2012.
Every year, Dr. D. B. Phatak runs a summer internship program to allow engineering students all over India to gain experience on real life projects. This is a very popular program wherein last year we selected only 60+ students out of 600+ applicants. The feedback of participating students has been very positive. For details refer to Summer Internship 2011 (give link to last years program). We selected the students on a variety of criteria including their academic performance and the reputation of their institute.
This year, we are reserving 20% seats to applicants who demonstrate their programming skill and a desire to contribute to society by supporting an ambitious open source program designed to benefit underprivileged schoolchildren.
The candidates chosen in the pre-placement will be part of the main summer internship program that will be organised for 8 weeks at IIT Bombay from beginning of May 2012. You can refer to the 2011 summer internship program to get an idea of the terms and conditions.
Note : All contributions will be released in open source
Pre-placement program overview
We have initiated an ambitious program to develop and release high quality education content in local languages at the school level. As a first step of the program, we wish to supplement textual content with interactive exercises and simulations to explain concepts visually in a better manner. We are looking for contribution from applicants in the form of EJS (Easy Java Simulation) applets (physics) and JAVA applets (mathematics). Based on the quality/quantity of contribution (till 1st week of April), selected applicants will be admitted directly into the summer internship program.
We have identified open source EJS (Easy Java Simulation) software to develop interactive learning objects to demonstrate and test physics concepts. EJS facilitates development of interactive simulations. The learning objects will be in the form of JAVA applets (produced by EJS) which can be invoked from html text. We plan to implement many of the exercises and activities of CBSE text into such applets. Some of the applets will give a feel of experimentation where a student will measure physical quantities such as distance, angle etc. (with simulated tapes/stopwatch etc.) and tabulate the observations. The applet will then evaluate and report on the ‘experiment’.
In primary mathematics, we are looking at high quality, attractive JAVA applets to teach (and evaluate) concepts such as counting/addition/subtraction/multiplication at the primary level. We expect children to enjoy learning concepts and the software should encourage children for every success. Each ‘concept’ will have a ‘demonstration’ (teaching) mode followed by a ‘test’ where random examples will be presented. The applet will evaluate whether the student has understood the concept. Applets to support secondary level mathematics will be much simpler with presentation of examples and immediate evaluation of the ‘quiz’.
You can visit ekshiksha to get details of the objective of the initiative.
  • Students graduating in Computer Science/Engineering, IT.
  • Who will be completing 3rd year (preferable) or 2nd year in April/May 2012.
Note : A letter from HoD/Principal/Director stating that the college permits the student to undertake the internship during May June will be required before admission to the main internship program.
Pre-placement selection process
  • Fill up the application form
  • Choose the area where you would like to work and the complexity
  • You will be assigned applets and a sample applet to show standards to be followed
  • You will interact with us in case of doubts (we recommend frequent mails)
  • You will submit your contribution for us to test and evaluate
  • You are welcome to take up more work
Note : Contributions which meet our quality criteria will be published with your name. This is your chance to become famous.
S.No Project Name Technology Complexity Team Details
1 Physics-Electricity Easy Java Simulation Medium 4
2 Physics-Magnetism Easy Java Simulation Medium 4
3 Mathematics-secondary JAVA Medium 6
4 Physics-Light Easy Java Simulation Medium 8
5 Mathematics-primary JAVA High 10
6 Physics-Mechanics Easy Java Simulation Medium 14
Tentative Schedule
Last Date of application : 31st January 2012
Submission of contribution : Ongoing till 1st week of April.
Selection List : 2nd week of April
Register here
Enrolled Student
Applet allocation details
Pre-Placement selection list
List of suggested applet in Physics - Mechanics
List of suggested applet in Physics - Electricity and Magnetism
List of suggested applet in Physics - Light
List of suggested applet in Primary
In case of any queries or difficulties in registration write to with details.
For more detail about EJS, please refer to : EJS (Easy Java Simulation)
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