Summer Internship 2012 - Pre Placement

Under the guidance of Professor D. B. Phatak, Computer Science Department, IIT Bombay

All simulation has to be EJS/Java applets
Go through the suggested topics below and choose one you like. Send us a mail and we will allocate one to you.
Physics allocations will only be done after the EJS exercise given to you is submitted.
List of suggested applet in Physics - Electricity (Magnetism)
Sr.No Topic Name Applet Name Applet Specification Source Status
1 Physics - Electricity Capacitance From the source pdf show E-69, E-70, E-73, E-74 and E-75...  Read more Source File Allocated
2 Physics - Electricity Distribution of charge on conductor From the source pdf show E-28, E-29, E-30 and E-31...  Read more Source File Allocated
3 Physics - Electricity Equality of induced charges From the source pdf show E-13 and E-14. Simplify the experiment...  Read more Source File Allocated
4 Physics - Electricity Attraction, repulsion, coulomb's Law From the source pdf show E-6. Show step by step...  Read more Source File Allocated
5 Physics - Electricity Resistance in series and parralel circuit to show resistance in series and parralel...  Read more Source File Allocated
6 Physics - Electricity Movement of charged particles in Electric Feild Movement of chage particles is shown in electric feild...  Read more Source File Allocated
7 Physics - Magnetism Magnetization by current Magnetization by current...  Read more Source File Allocated
8 Physics - Magnetism Faraday Law Demostration of Faraday Law...  Read more Source File Allocated
9 Physics - Magnetism Simple Motor Demostration on How Motor Works...  Read more Source File Allocated
10 Physics - Electricity Electric Feild Electric lines and area to be shown...  Read more - Allocated
11 Physics - Electricity Electric lines of force due to dipole Electric lines due to opposite charge particles are shown...  Read more - Allocated
12 Physics - Electricity Kirchhoffs law Kirchhoffs law for single loop circuit...  Read more - Allocated
13 Physics - Electricity Wheat Stone Bridge Wheat stone Bridge...  Read more - Allocated
14 Physics - Electricity Build a two loop circuit Allow the student to build a two loop circuit with batteries...  Read more Source File Allocated

Applet Specification