Summer Internship 2012 - Pre Placement

Under the guidance of Professor D. B. Phatak, Computer Science Department, IIT Bombay

All simulation has to be EJS/Java applets
Go through the suggested topics below and choose one you like. Send us a mail and we will allocate one to you.
Physics allocations will only be done after the EJS exercise given to you is submitted.
List of suggested applet in Physics - Light
Sr.No Topic Name Applet Name Applet Specification Source Status
1 Physics - Light Vertical Projection Show the projection of Light...  Read more Source File Allocated
2 Physics - Light Reading from Optical Disk The process of reading data from optical disks...  Read more Source File Allocated
3 Physics - Light Chalk Dust show light in presence of cahlk dust particles...  Read more Source File Allocated
4 Physics - Light Reflection Using Plane Mirror Reflection Using plane mirror and formation of image...  Read more Source File Allocated
5 Physics - Light Refraction of light using a prism Refraction using prism to show broken of white light into 7 colors...  Read more Source File Allocated
6 Physics - Light Reflection and Refraction at same time Show the Reflection followed Refractionof Light...  Read more - Allocated
7 Physics - Light Total internal Reflection Show total internal reflection of Light...  Read more - Allocated

Applet Specification