Summer Internship 2012 - Pre Placement

Under the guidance of Professor D. B. Phatak, Computer Science Department, IIT Bombay

All applets has to be developed using Blackboard API
Mathematics applets list
Sr.No Topic Name Group Topic Status Allocated To
1 Numerical Digit Value Allocated Anshul Vaid
2 Numerical Addition Available  
3 Numerical Subtraction Available  
4 Numerical Multiplication Available  
5 Numerical Division Available  
6 Numerical Data handling Allocated Swaroopa Kadam
7 Numerical Comparing Numbers Allocated Vivek Kumar Gupta
8 Numerical Fractions Allocated Harsha Vardhan, Akash Priyadarshi
9 Numerical Decimal System Allocated Rajeev Irny
10 Numerical Factors, Multiples Allocated Rahul Yadav, Vishal Gadewar
11 Numerical Permutation Allocated Rahul Yadav, Vishal Gadewar
12 Numerical Number Line Allocated Mayur Rao
13 Numerical Ratio and Proportion Allocated Kaushik Raju
14 Numerical Percentage Allocated Sanjoli Agarwal
15 Numerical Square and cubes Allocated Harsh Jhamtani
16 Numerical Probability Allocated Aviral Nigam
17 Geometry Shapes Allocated Gyanesh Mahana
18 Geometry Perimeter Allocated Neeha Reddy
19 Geometry Area Allocated Pankaj Jangir
20 Geometry Volume Allocated Aastikta Sharma
21 Geometry Basic Concepts Allocated Akshay Trivedi, Saurabh Jain
22 Geometry Angles Allocated Malleswari Vinukonda
23 Geometry Triangle Allocated Vikram Verma
24 Geometry Quadrilateral Allocated Prashant Sharma
25 Geometry Solids Allocated Deepika Srivastava
26 Geometry Coordinate Geometry Allocated Nitesh Kumar
27 Algebra Variables/Formulae Allocated Kanik Gupta
28 Algebra Equations Allocated Sahil Kumar
29 Algebra Complex Equations Allocated Harshit Aggarwal
30 Algebra Expressions Allocated Krattika Mishra
31 Algebra Exponents Allocated Shraddha Nayak
32 Algebra Series Allocated Ingit Arora

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