Summer Internship 2013 - Software Contribution Quota

Under the guidance of Professor D. B. Phatak, Computer Science Department, IIT Bombay

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Download Section
Note : You can download our framework and sample activities here.
Download Guide to read parameters passed from HTML file into Experiment.New
Download Guide to use PIEimage class.New
Download Miscellaneous Tips for using PIE framework.New
Download Guide to create your own graphic objects.New
View Evaluation Process and Early Submission Bonus Scheme New
The new version of the framework with UI Controls, Graphics Object is available for download.
Framework Name Version Release Date Download
PIE 1.0 16-02-2013 Removed
PIE 1.1 25-02-2013 Removed
PIE 1.2 25-02-2013 Removed
PIE 1.3 27-02-2013 Removed
PIE 1.4 01-03-2013 Removed
PIE 1.5 06-03-2013 Removed
PIE 1.6 08-03-2013 Removed
PIE 1.7 11-03-2013 Removed
PIE 1.8 13-03-2013 Removed
PIE 1.9 18-03-2013 Removed
PIE 2.0 20-03-2013 Removed
PIE 2.1 22-03-2013 Removed
PIE 2.2 22-03-2013 Removed
PIE 2.3 25-03-2013 Removed
PIE 2.4 26-03-2013 Removed
PIE 2.5 29-05-2013 Removed
PIE New 2.6 12-06-2013 Download
For any query related to PIE framework, please contact - and for other query please contact -
Download Flash Develop IDE (See installation instruction)
Download Step By Step Guide To Experiments
Download file to see how to create custom graphics object.
Download file
Download Main.mxml file
Download source of PIEarc class (view code to see how to create your own graphic object with complex figure drawing).
Download source of PIEarrow class (view code to see how to create your own graphic object which support rotation).
Download source of PIEobservationTable class.New
Download source for Interactive Lens application. This example will show you how to create custom graphic objects.
Download source for sample Solar System application. This example will explain how to add UI elements to display area.
Download source for sample RotateRevolve application. This example will explain how to rotate/revolve graphics objects.
Download source for sample Observation Table example. This example will explain how to create observation table.New
Download example for working with images. This example will explain how to use images in your proejct.New
How to use framework
  • Download latest framework SWC file
  • Download file
  • Download Main.mxml file
  • Creat a new Actionscript-Flex3 project
  • Right Click src->Click Add->Library Assets->Browse and select the SWC file downloaded by you
  • This will add the PIE framework library to the src directory
  • Copy the downloaded file to the src directory of the new project
  • Copy the downloaded Main.mxml file to the src directory of the new project
  • Right click on Main.mxml and click on Document class
  • Use F5 key to compile and run the pendulum
Note : The same process can be repeated for another experiment. Please note that the experiment file should contain a class Experiment with some of the methods called by the PIE Framework.
Note : Please set your default flash palyer as any web browser. You can set using the following steps :
  • Right click on flash object (.swf file).
  • Click on Change button next to Opens with properties.
  • Select any web browser from the list and press Ok.
List of groups for software contribution quota
A group is a set of activities. One student can choose only one group.
All the activities in a group must be completed for the submission to be considered for admission.
required : One member group.
requiredrequired: Two member group.
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