Summer Internship 2013 - Software Contribution Quota

Under the guidance of Professor D. B. Phatak, Computer Science Department, IIT Bombay

We have been looking at the submitted assignments. A lot of them have been submitted just to get the bonus marks.
The evaluators have an option to mark any submission as "not upto the mark", if in their opinion less than 25% of the functionality is incorporated.
If the evaluators mark any submission as not upto the mark, the early submission bonus points will be wiped out and the submission will not be considered for the full submission bonus.
We urge you to try and submit good quality .swf files and not to work for the early bonus.the completion bonus is more important as it affects all activities. You can resubmit an activity multiple times. The last submission date will be used for the early submission bonus as well as evaluation.
The .swf files can be submitted by email to from 9:00 p.m. on 1st April till 2:00 a.m. on 2nd April, since the server is acting flaky.
Please read these instruction if you are submitting your .swf file by email -
  • Email Subject : Upload 'Activity Name' on the server
  • Email Content : You mail should have following details : Enrollment Id, Registered Email, Activity Name and .swf file
  • Send the mail from your registered email address only, otherwise your request will not be considered.
Avinash Awate
Founder : ekShiksha
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List of activities for software contribution quota
Activity Name Downloads
6.11.1A Transparent, translucent and opaque objects (activity 1) No Upload Found
6.11.2A Shadows (activity 2) No Upload Found
6.11.3A Match shadows to objects (activity 4) No Upload Found
6.11.4A Pin hole camera (activity 5) No Upload Found
6.11.5A Light travels in a straight line (activity 6) No Upload Found
7.15.11A Sunlight has colours (activity 15.11) View All
7.15.12A Merging colours (activity 15.12) View All
10.10.10A Refraction through a glass slab (activity 10) View All
10.10.11D Refraction explained through velocity View All
10.10.9A Submerged objects are lifted (activity 8) View All
6.11.6A Simple reflection at mirror (activity 7) View All
6.11.7A Comb reflection at mirror (activity 8) View All
7.15.13D Archimedes mirrors View All
7.15.1A Flashlight reflection at a mirror (activity 15.1) No Upload Found
7.15.2A Position of the image (activity 15.3) View All
7.15.3A Right or left (activity 15.4) View All
8.16.1A Narrow beam reflection at a mirror (activity 1) View All
8.16.2A Rays are in a plane (activity 2) No Upload Found
8.16.3A Ray diagrams and image formation (activity 3) No Upload Found
8.16.4 Ray drawing at hinged mirrors (exercises 15 at end of lesson) No Upload Found
8.16.5 Visible or invisible objects/images (exercises 16 at end of lesson) No Upload Found
8.16.6A Multiple images with hinged mirrors (activity 5) No Upload Found
8.16.7A Multiple images with two parallel mirrors (activity 5) No Upload Found
7.15.4A Real and virtual images at a concave mirror (activity 15.5) No Upload Found
7.15.5A Real images at a concave mirror (activity 15.7) No Upload Found
7.15.6A Virtual images at a concave mirror (activity 15.7) View All
7.15.7A Virtual images at a convex mirror (activity 15.8) View All
10.10.1D Reflection at a concave mirror View All
10.10.2D Reflection at a convex mirror View All
10.10.3D Tracing rays at a concave mirror No Upload Found
10.10.4D Tracing rays at a convex mirror No Upload Found
10.10.5D Image formation by a concave mirror No Upload Found
10.10.6D Image formation by a convex mirror No Upload Found
10.10.7D Comparison of image sizes at different mirrors No Upload Found
10.10.8D Derivation of the mirror formulae No Upload Found
7.15.10A Virtual image formed with a concave lens (activity 15.10) View All
7.15.8A Real image formed with a convex lens (activity 15.10) View All
7.15.9A Virtual image formed with a convex lens (activity 15.10) View All
10.10.12D Refraction at a convex lens View All
10.10.13D Refraction at a concave lens View All
10.10.14D Tracing rays at a convex lens View All
10.10.15D Tracing rays at a concave lens View All
10.10.16D Image formation by a convex lens View All
10.10.17D Image formation by a concave lens View All
10.10.18D Derivation of the lens formulae View All
10.10.19D Multiple lenses together View All
8.17.1A Phases of the moon (activity 2) View All
8.17.2A Visible face of the moon (activity 3) View All
8.17.3A Day and night (activity 4) No Upload Found
8.17.4D Different constellations View All
8.17.5D Solar system View All
8.17.6D Earth’s rotation and different seasons No Upload Found
8.17.7D Earth’s rotation and the direction of sun’s rise No Upload Found
6.10.1A Measuring length with feet (activity 1) No Upload Found
6.10.2A Measuring length with hands (activity 2) No Upload Found
6.10.3D The standard scales No Upload Found
6.10.4A Measuring the length of a curve (activity 4) No Upload Found
6.10.5A Tracking moving things (activity 6) No Upload Found
6.10.6D Types of motion No Upload Found
7.13.10D Line charts simplified View All
7.13.11D Distance time graph demonstration View All
7.13.12D Distance time graph – choosing scales View All
7.13.13D Uniform motion demonstrated View All
7.13.2D Which is faster (same time test) View All
7.13.3D Which is faster (same distance test) View All
7.13.4D Measuring average speed View All
7.13.5D Simple pendulum View All
7.13.6A Time period of a simple pendulum (activity 13.1) View All
7.13.7D Measuring speed of a ball View All
7.13.8D Bar graphs simplified View All
7.13.9D Pie charts simplified View All
8.11.10A Stool in the sand (extended activity 1) View All
8.11.1A Classification of forces – push or pull (activity 1) View All
8.11.3A Force can change value of speed (activity 3) No Upload Found
8.11.4A Force can change direction of speed (activity 4) View All
8.11.5D Force can change shape View All
8.11.6D Non contact forces View All
8.11.11A Liquid seeks it’s own level (extended activity 3) View All
8.11.7A Liquid exerts pressure at bottom (activity 8) View All
8.11.8A Liquid exerts pressure at side (activity 9) View All
8.11.9A Liquid exerts equal pressure at equal depth (activity 10) View All
9.10.7D Liquid pressure – hydraulic press View All
9.10.8A Buoyancy (activity 4) View All
9.10.9A Archimedes principle (activity 7) View All
9.8.1D Distance and displacement along a straight line View All
9.8.2D Distance and displacement in a plane View All
9.8.3A Distance and displacement on roads (activity 4) View All
9.8.4D Motion along a straight line (time taken for same distance) View All
9.8.5D Motion along a straight line (distance travelled in same time) View All
9.8.6D Measuring speed (cricket ball) View All
9.8.7D Measuring speed practice problems View All
9.8.8D Speed with direction in one dimensional motion View All
9.8.9D Measuring velocity practice problems View All
9.8.10A Types of accelerations (activity 8) View All
9.8.11D Uniform acceleration in a straight line practice problems View All
9.8.12D Distance time graph of uniform speed motion View All
9.8.13D Distance time graph of uniform acceleration motion View All
9.8.14D Velocity time graph of uniform speed motion View All
9.8.15D Velocity time graph of uniform acceleration motion View All
9.8.16D Velocity time graph of non-uniform acceleration motion View All
9.8.17A Motion graphs for a vehicle journey (activity 9) View All
9.8.18A Motion graphs for multiple objects (activity 10) View All
9.8.19D Actual motion graph for a train View All
9.8.20D Equation of uniform acceleration motion (graphical derivation) View All
9.8.21D Uniform acceleration motion practice problems View All
8.11.2A Multiple forces – direction and result (activity 2) View All
8.12.1A Friction force illustrated (activity 2) View All
8.12.2A Friction and surface type (activity 3) View All
8.12.3D Friction - good and bad View All
8.12.4D Types of friction View All
9.9.1D Balanced and unbalanced forces View All
9.9.2D Simple illustration of friction View All
9.9.3D Galileo’s inclined plane experiment View All
9.9.4D Inertia effects View All
9.9.5D Inertia and mass View All
9.9.6D Newton’s second law : simple illustration and practice View All
9.9.7D Newton’s second law : difficult practice problems View All
9.9.8D Action and reaction illustrations View All
9.9.9D Conservation of momentum practice problems View All
9.10.1D Circular motion – centripetal force View All
9.10.2D Kepler’s law illustration View All
9.10.3D Gravitation and planetary motion View All
9.10.4D Acceleration due to gravity View All
9.10.5D Free fall simple practice problems View All
9.10.6D Mass and weight View All
9.8.22D Changing direction of velocity (circular motion) View All
9.11.10D Mechanical – potential plus kinetic - energy View All
9.11.11D Potential to kinetic energy conversion View All
9.11.1D Work or no work (examples) View All
9.11.2D Simple work calculations View All
9.11.3D Negative work calculations View All
9.11.4A Sources of energy (activity 5) View All
9.11.5A Kinetic energy (activity 7) View All
9.11.6D Kinetic energy problems View All
9.11.7D Potential energy - spring View All
9.11.8D Potential energy - elasticity View All
9.11.9D Potential energy - gravity View All
The DC circuit laboratory View All
The AC circuit laboratory View All
The magnetic effects library View All
8.16.8D The human eye View All
10.11.1D The detailed human eye View All
10.11.2D Human eye lens accomodation View All
10.11.3D Myopia (short sight/near-sightedness) explained View All
10.11.4D Hypermetropia (long sight/far-sightedness) explained View All
8.16.9A How movies are made (activity 10) No Upload Found
10.11.5A Refraction of light through a prism (activity 1) No Upload Found
10.11.6A Dispersion of white light through a prism (activity 2) No Upload Found
10.11.7D Dispersion and consolidation of light by a prism (activity 2) No Upload Found
10.11.8D Atmospheric refraction (advance sunrise and delayed sunset) No Upload Found
10.11.9A Scattering of blue light (activity 3) No Upload Found
9.11.12D Simple power examples View All
9.11.13D Simple electrical energy examples View All
10.14.1D Energy is being lost to unusable forms View All
10.14.2D Good sources of energy View All
10.14.3D The electric generator – how does it work View All
10.14.4D Fossil fuel (thermal) generators View All
10.14.5D Water (hydro) generators View All
10.14.6D Bio gas plant View All
10.14.7D Wind energy farms View All
10.14.8D Alternate energy View All
6.12.1D Electric appliances No Upload Found
6.12.2D Electric cell View All
6.12.3A Electric bulb (activity 1) No Upload Found
6.12.4D Electric bulb types No Upload Found
6.12.7A Homemade flashlight (activity 3) No Upload Found
6.12.9A Electric flashlight (activity 4) No Upload Found
6.12.10A Conductors and insulators (activity 5) No Upload Found
6.12.5A Electric bulb connected to cell (activity 2) No Upload Found
6.12.6D Electric current No Upload Found
6.12.8A Electric switch (activity 4) No Upload Found
7.14.1D Electric cell configurations No Upload Found
7.14.2A Drawing circuits (activity 14.1) No Upload Found
7.14.3D Heating effect of electricity (activity 14.2) View All
7.14.4A Appliances using electrical heat (activity 14.3) View All
7.14.5A Melting delicate wires (activity 14.4) View All
7.14.6A Electric fuses (activity 14.4) View All
7.14.10D Simple railway signal View All
7.14.7A Magnetic effect of electric current (activity 14.5) View All
7.14.8A Basic electromagnet (activity 14.6) View All
7.14.9D Basic electric bell View All
8.14.10A Electroplating with different metal rods (extended activities) View All
8.14.1A Electricity through liquids (activity 2) No Upload Found
8.14.2D LED testers View All
8.14.3A Magnetic effect tester (activity 3) No Upload Found
8.14.4A Electricity through water (activity 4) No Upload Found
8.14.5A Electricity through solutions (activity 5) No Upload Found
8.14.6A Basic chemical effect of electric current (activity 6) No Upload Found
8.14.7D Chemical effect of electric current on potato No Upload Found
8.14.8A Basic electroplating (activity 7) No Upload Found
8.14.9D Basic electroplating with carbon rod No Upload Found
8.15.1A Charging by rubbing (activity 1) View All
8.15.2D Experiment charging by rubbing (activity 2) View All
8.15.3A Types of charges and their interaction (activity 3) No Upload Found
8.15.4A Simple electroscope (activity 4) View All
10.12.1D Calculating charge flowing through circuit View All
10.12.2D Velocity of electrons View All
10.12.3D Current and water flow View All
10.12.4D Work done in moving charge View All
10.12.5A Ohm’s law experiment (activity 1) View All
10.12.6A Current through bulbs of different wattage (activity 2) View All
10.12.7A Current through wires of different length (activity 3) View All
10.12.8A Current through wires of different radius (activity 3) View All
10.12.9A Current through wires of different material (activity 3) View All
10.12.10A Resistances in series (activity 4) View All
10.12.11A Resistances in parallel (activity 5) View All
10.12.12D Combining large and small resistances View All
10.12.13D Build circuit of required resistance from given resistors View All
10.12.14D Heating calculations of electric current View All
10.12.15D Simple power (wattage) calculations View All
6.13.1D Magnetic appliances View All
6.13.2A Magnetic and non magnetic materials (activity 2) View All
6.13.3A Magnetic poles of common magnets (activity 4) View All
6.13.4A Magnetic direction (activity 5) View All
6.13.5A Magnetic compass (activity 5) View All
6.13.6A making your own magnetic compass (activity 6) No Upload Found
6.13.7D Simple attraction and repulsion between magnets View All
6.13.8D Rotating a magnet No Upload Found
10.13.1A Drawing magnetic field lines (activity 3) No Upload Found
10.13.2A Magnetic field due to a current carrying conductor (activity 4) View All
10.13.3A Magnetic field direction due to a current carrying conductor (activity 5) No Upload Found
10.13.4D Magnetic field strength due to a current carrying conductor No Upload Found
10.13.5D Magnetic field due to a current carrying circular loop No Upload Found
10.13.6A Force on a current carrying conductor in a magnetic field (activity 7) No Upload Found
10.13.10A Induced current through electromagnetism (activity 9) No Upload Found
10.13.11D Electric generator No Upload Found
10.13.12D Domestic electric circuit No Upload Found
10.13.7D Force on a moving charge in a magnetic field No Upload Found
10.13.8D Electric motor No Upload Found
10.13.9A Electromagnetic induction in a coil (activity 8) No Upload Found