Summer Internship 2015

Under the guidance of Professor D. B. Phatak, Computer Science Department, IIT Bombay

List of project groups in Summer Internship 2015
S.No. Project Name Technology Complexity Team Size Who can chose
1 CDEEP Group Android, JAVA, JavaScript, Unity 3D, C, C++, Python, PHP, embedded C Medium 24 Anyone
2 Data Analytics Group Javascript, google bootstrap, HTML5, jsp, Java web technology, R Script, R Java, ggplot2, spark, sparkR , HDFS Medium to high 6 Anyone
3 FOSSEE Group C, C++/ Python, Electronic circuit development and desin, Python , PyQt4 , Ngspice, JavaScript , Jquery , HTML Medium to high 16 Anyone
4 IITBombayX (Cloud and Big Data) Python, Django, MySQL, Jsons, Hadoop, Hive, VMs, Swift, and other relevant tools. All interns of the group will have to study (a) the open-edX platform, (b) the formats of all event logs (These are essentially Jsons, including nested Jsons), and (c) the basic cloud environment as a common requirement. Medium to high 24 Anyone
5 IITbombayX (MOOC) JAVA, JSP. Python, Django, MySQL Medium 30 Anyone
6 Information and Communication Technology, MOOCs for Informal Sector, Peer Review System with Prof. Ganesh Ramakrishnan JAVA, JSP, Servlets, Spring, AngularJS, MySQL, Android Medium to High 5 Anyone