Welcome to the programming contest for Summer Internship 2017

Around 50% candidates will be selected based on their programming aptitude. The programming aptitude will be gauged by their ability to deliver (ThreeJS based) animations. The animations will have to be developed on top of our animation library. Our library in turn is a wrapper on ThreeJS library. Sample code and documentation will be provided. In addition, applicants are advised to study the documentation and animation examples presented by the Three Js library (https://threejs.org). Our library will be a wrapper around Three JS and will shorten the learning curve.

A list of animations will be provided by end of January. Students will be allowed to work on one animation at a time. Once an animation is booked, it will not be available for other applicants. Applicants will have 10 days to implement their chosen animation. If they do not submit within 10 days, the animation will be made available to others. Students can submit maximum of 5 animations. These will be graded and applicants with maximum marks will be shortlisted for the next step : Online programming test in C language.

We will also take a written (timed) programming test in C for the candidates shortlisted in the above process. Combined score of the submissions and the graded programming test will be used to select the final list of summer internship software quota participants. You can use your email to register in the site www.codzilla.org.in where you can practice problems. 50% of the problems will be (at most) a slight variation of the problems already provided by the above site. You will get a few days to practice before the online test.

The top four software quota participants who join the internship will get cash award (and certificates) of Rs. 10,000, 5,000, 3,000 and 2,000.