Program Overview

We undertake a significant amount of software and hardware development work to support our efforts in improving education at all levels and assisting various governments in the same. We have trained more than 1lakh engineering faculty on various engineering topics. We have successfully launched an opnedX based IIT BombayX MOOC platform. We are actively engaged in enhancing the online and blended MOOC education delivery models and effectiveness. We are branching out into supporting education in fields other than engineering.

We are actively involved in central government’s ambitious National Virtual Library project.

In May-June 2017, around 109 interns worked on summer internship projects. Our internship projects develop useful software for our initiatives while simultaneously enabling the participants to fulfil summer internship requirements of their respective academic programs. Our feedback shows that our projects go a long way towards career development of the participants. Many pieces of work done by our interns have been publicly launched. We will be using one of these pieces ( in this year’s selection. As usual, we will be offering a fresh set of projects for Summer - 2018.

All the work under the summer internship is released under Open Source. Consequently most of the tools and software environment used in our R&D, are also from Open Source Software(OSS). You will thus be working on Ubuntu (a variant of Linux), and using Python, MYSQL/Postgress, JAVA, GCC and other such packages. Even if you do not have adequate exposure to these, you will get ample opportunity to learn them during your internship. All we expect is that you are able to learn fast, and are able to meaningfully use what you learn. You will be engaged for a period of 8 weeks. Your project leader will evaluate your work at the end of the internship. We expect everyone to work hard, and successfully complete the assignments well in advance of the last date.

The eight week internship program generally commences in second week of May and ends in 1st week of July. You have to strictly adhere to this time period. Requests to adjust the time period will not be entertained.

You have to stay within the IIT campus. A room (on a twin sharing basis) will be made available to you during the period of internship.

We will not be extending any financial support except paying your enrolment fees to IIT Bombay. You will have to manage expenses during your stay in IIT on your own. However, every year, we have been able to give a reasonable amount towards your lodging and other expenses. Further details are available under the subsection 'Financials'. The tentative schedule for the program is available under the subsection 'Tentative Schedule' (any small variations in dates will be intimated). Detailed schedule will be given to you on the first day of internship.

IIT will provide you library reading room facility, and limited access to Gymkhana facilities. A certificate will be issued on successful completion of internship.Kindly note that IIT professors ion charge of the program will seldom give recommendation letters for admission to institutions outside India.

Note for Electrical/Electronics background students

In the past year we tried providing a different admission channel for students with electrical and/or electronics background. This year, there will be single channel for admission. We will attempt to float a few projects for which above skills are essential/beneficial but most of our projects would be software based.

Selection Process
Software Skills Quota

Around 50% candidates will be selected based on their programming aptitude. The programming aptitude will be gauged by their ability to deliver animations of different types.

The 3d animations will have to be developed on top of our animation library, which in turn lies on top of ThreeJS library. Our library is a wrapper on ThreeJS library. Sample code and documentation will be provided. In addition, applicants are advised to study the documentation and animation examples presented by the Three Js library ( Our library will be a wrapper around Three JS and will shorten the learning curve.

We will also attempt to provide simpler 2d animations. These will be based on javascript libraries provided by us. Our libraries will provide standardisation as well as simplify the learning curve.

A list of animations will be provided by end of January. Students will be allowed to work on one animation at a time. Once an animation is booked, it will not be available for other applicants. Applicants will have a few days to implement their chosen animation. If they do not submit within the time limit, the animation will be made available to others. Students can submit any number of animations. These will be graded and applicants with maximum marks will be shortlisted for the next step : online programming test in C.

We will also take a written (timed) programming test in C for the candidates shortlisted in the above process. Combined score of the submissions and the graded programming test will be used to select the final list of summer internship software quota participants. You can use your email to register in the site where you can practice problems. 50% of the problems will be (at most) a slight variation of the problems already provided by the above site. You will get a few days to practice before the online test. This site was developed by four members of the 2015 internship team under the guidance of Rajani Kant Jangir.

The top four software quota participants who join the internship will get cash award (and certificates) of Rs. 10,000, 5,000, 3,000 and 2,000.

Academic Skills Quota

Remaining 50% candidates will be selected based on academic performance in their school/college/university, and on their technical accomplishments. The reputation of the college and the performance of past students of that college in our internship program, may also be taken into account.

Selected candidates will also take a mandatory written (timed) programming test in C. You can use your email to register in the site where you can practice problems. This site was developed by four members of the 2015 internship team under the guidance of Rajanikant Jangir. All problems will be (at most) a slight variation of the problems already provided by the above site. You will get a few days to practice before the online test. Minimum 70% marks will be required for confirming selection.

Selection lists

Based on the academic scrutiny, a list of candidates provisionally selected will be published first by Monday, 19th February 2018. Any additional information, if required, will be sought from the provisionally selected candidates. Within a week, the mandatory programming test will whittle down the numbers.

The provisionally selected students will be required to submit scanned copies of the following documents before Monday 16th April 2018:

  • A circular form (format will be made available on moodle) duly signed and stamped by the HoD/Principal/Director of your institute.
  • A recommendation letter (format will be made available on moodle) from your HoD/Principal/Director stating that the college permits the student to undertake the internship during the chosen period.

Based on the quality/grading of animations, a list of selected software quota candidates will be published by Tuesday 10th April 2018. They will undergo a programming test and the final list will be published by Monday 16th April 2018. The selected candidates will have to complete the above documentation by Thursday 26th April 2018.


Internship and stay at IIT Bombay involves some expenditure to be incurred by interns. The approximate amounts are:

  • Rs. 6000/- to be paid to the IIT Bombay academic office (Internship Fee's)
  • Hostel room rent of approximately Rs 1100/- per month or part thereof (totalling around Rs 2200/- for the internship period)
  • Additional money (around Rs 20/-) per day if you wish to rent a mattress + bucket
  • Approximately Rs 130/- per day for food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) in the vacation mess

Of these, we will pay Rs. 6000/- directly to the institute, on your behalf. You will have to bear rest of the expenses on your own.


The list of various projects for summer internship will be published on 15th May 2018.

Tentative Schedule (some dates may change)

Last Date of application:Monday, 12th February 2018

Intimation of provisional selection of academic quota:Before Monday, 19th February 2018

Programming test of academic quota:Sunday, 25th February 2018

Confirmation of academic quota selection:Wednesday, 28th February 2018

Provisional selection of software quota:Tuesday, 10th April 2018

Programming test of software quota:Sunday, 15th April 2018

Confirmation of software quota selection:Monday, 16th April 2018

Reporting for internship (Tentatively on):Tuesday, 15th May 2018 (for 7+ weeks)

Internship begins:Wednesday 16th May 2018

Submission of report:One week before end of internship

Evaluation:Last week of internship

Issuance of certificates:Friday, 06th July 2018 (Tentative)

Important Dates
Last date of registration is : 12th February 2018
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